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Options for Straighter Teeth

Two young brunette women with perfect smiles

Many patients come to see Dr. Michael Huang because they desire a straighter smile. Some of these patients have wished for a straight smile all of their lives, while others may have worn braces as teenagers, but have noticed their teeth have moved back out of alignment in adulthood. Most likely, they failed to wear their retainers as directed after their orthodontic treatment.

The truth is, whether you wore braces as a teen or not, your teeth will continuously move at least a slight bit. Because of this, many adults find themselves needing help to maintain a beautiful, straight smile. Dr. Huang has several procedures at his disposal to help ...

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Causes of Oral Sensitivity

Yong woman with a toothache

Does a nice sip of ice cold water on a hot day send pain shooting through your jaw? If you bite into a candy bar with the wrong tooth, will you experience a sharp, throbbing pain that seems to travel all the way to your brain? When you brush your teeth, do you have that one spot you try to avoid, because touching it, or even breathing in cold air, causes it to throb in pain?

Many people suffer from sensitive teeth, which typically result from the exposure of tiny tubes located in the dentin layer, under the enamel. The exposure may happen due to an erosion of the enamel or ...

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Is Stress Stealing Your Healthy Smile?

rush hour traffic gridiron

You’re stuck in the gridiron of rush hour traffic and late for a meeting, when your phone rings and you spill your coffee. We all have stress, some more than others. Some stress is good, but too much can cause serious issues with your physical health, including the health of your mouth.

Dr. Huang and our team want to partner with you to maximize your oral health, so you can enjoy healthy teeth and a gorgeous smile for life. Call our Covina, CA dental office now to schedule an appointment.

Symptoms of Too Much Stress

As it relates to dentistry, the following symptoms can indicate too much ...

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Halloween Candy Buy Back 2015

halloween candy buy back covina ca

Everyone loves Halloween! Even dentists, believe it or not. Finding the perfect costume, experiencing the building of anticipation, then going out after dark to friends' and neighbors' houses to score lots of sweet treats -- it's an annual kids' dream come true. If your kids go trick-or-treating, they probably come home with tons of goodies. More than they could, or should, ever eat. Dr. Huang and our team are happy to announce that we are extending Halloween and paying kids for some of their loot!

Come to our office with your extra candy on November 2 or 3 from 2 to 6pm, and we'll give you $1 per pound, for up ...

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Invisalign Clear Braces for Instant Orthodontics

By the time we reach teen years and adulthood, people want to convey a mature, sophisticated image. Straight, sparkling, gorgeous teeth make a great impression, but wearing metal braces for two years or longer is an unappealing concept. As a result, many people go through life embarrassed of crooked teeth, so they try not to smile in public. A perfectly happy and friendly person may come across as unfriendly or serious, just because he refuses to share his imperfect smile. Don’t allow crooked teeth or the distaste for metal orthodontics keep you from a straighter, more attractive smile.

Dr. Michael C. Huang offers clear, removable,

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Visit The Covina Farmers Market

One thing we stress with our dental patients again and again is the necessity of eating right. You can clean your teeth, floss them, rinse with mouthwash and clean your tongue, but if your diet is unhealthy you will continue to court cavities and gum disease.

Bacteria just love sugars, especially the sugars found in processed food and soda. Soda, in particular, can serve to weaken your tooth enamel over time. In addition, the vitamins and minerals found in a balanced diet can really help strengthen your jawbone, your gums, and your teeth.

A lot of people don’t like eating their fruits and vegetables, but it doesn’t have to be onerous. That’s ...

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What To Do In Covina This Summer

Downtown Covina - Summer Events

We really like to stay up on all that you can do in Covina. With it being summertime, it's a great time for families to know what's happening.

Citrus Art Walk

On the first Saturday of every month, the Covina Downtown Association Its monthly art walk.

The purpose is to help create more awareness for local businesses. Showcasing different types of authentic art and light music.

The event takes place in alleyways that connect to Citrus St.

Farmers Market

Every Friday night you can find: Fresh Produce ~ Cut Flowers ~ Artisans ~ Retail Merchandise ~ Entertainment Hot ...

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