Your General and Family Dentist in Covina

When it comes time to choose a dentist for your family, you want to find someone who has expertise in all areas of dentistry. A good dentist will have the ability to perform all types of dental work on every member of your family. Dr. Michael C. Huang wants to be that dentist for you and your family.

The doctor has practiced dentistry for years, and attends continuing education classes each year to stay abreast of the latest techniques and technology. Dr. Huang enjoys building relationships with his patients, and looks forward to working with all members of your family, from your youngest child to your grandmother.

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What Does a Family Dentist Do?

A family dentist practices all aspects general dentistry for patients of all ages. This means your whole family can see the same dentist. Your family dentist will perform all basic dental work, such as cleanings, filling cavities, and extractions. The doctor will remove bacteria and plaque from teeth, and check for signs of gum disease and decay.

Choosing Dr. Covina as your family dentists means that you will not need to visit a specialist for procedures like root canal therapy or implants because, unlike some dentists, we perform those procedures in our office. The doctor can provide custom-fit mouth guards for your kids, and dentures for your parents.

Benefits of Using a Family Dentist

Bringing your whole family to the same dentist will provide some distinct advantages. For instance, you will have the opportunity to set a great example for your young children. Watching you go fearlessly for your regular checkups will inspire the same behavior in them, and will help to alleviate any fears they may have about visiting the dentist.

By working with your whole family, Dr. Huang will have the unique ability to identify genetic predispositions to tooth decay or gum disease. This will allow the doctor to help family members avoid these dental health problems and keep their smiles shiny and bright.

Starting your children with a family dentist means that they will have the same doctors maintaining their dental health from the loss of their first baby teeth, through the arrival and extraction of their wisdom teeth, and beyond. Your children will not have to worry about learning to trust a new doctor as they age out of pediatric dentistry.

Dr. Huang has a wonderful rapport with children, and by working with your kids from an early age, he will develop a familiarity with their dental habits and oral health, helping to keep them free of decay and gum disease as they grow into adults.

General Dentistry

The term general dentistry covers everything from regular dental checkups to root canal therapy. Dr. Huang is well versed in all aspects of general dentistry, including the following:

Preventive Dentistry

Attending preventive dentistry visits helps ensure proper dental health for all members of your family. You should attend these visits twice each year, every six months, for professional dental cleaning and dental exams. If Dr. Huang diagnoses you with gum disease, you may need to attend these visits more frequently.

During these visits, the doctor will perform a thorough examination of your teeth and gums, screen for oral cancer, and provide fluoride treatments and dental sealants, if necessary. Preventive visits provide patients with the best opportunity to avoid costly dental procedures in the future.

Periodontal Care

Dr. Huang can perform scaling and root planing as a non-surgical periodontal treatment. These treatments promote a healthy regeneration of periodontal tissue by providing a careful cleaning and smoothing of the tooth roots.

Root Canal Treatment

When a tooth decays beyond the point of just a cavity, the infection can reach the soft, inner pulp of the tooth. When the pulp becomes infected, the doctor cannot save it, and the tooth dies. For a root canal treatment, Dr. Huang first removes the dead pulp from the tooth. He replaces the inner layer with a rubber-like substance that protects the roots from further infection. When the pulp has been replaced, the doctor seals the tooth, using either a filling or a dental crown, which preserves the structure of the tooth.

Custom Mouth Guards

Many of our younger patients participate in athletic programs in school. While fantastic for their overall health, sports can prove damaging to their teeth. We recommend all student (and adult) athletes wear mouth guards to protect their teeth. Dr. Huang can design a custom-fit athletic mouth guard for you or your child, providing protection from sports accidents.

Some patients may experience problems with teeth grinding (bruxism) or sleep apnea, causing them to do harm to the teeth and jaws, and keeping them from a good night’s sleep. The doctor can create night guards to fit these patients, resolving their problems and helping them get the rest they deserve.

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