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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Preventative Dentistry

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At our Covina dental office, we welcome your questions. You should have a clear understanding of certain dental procedures, how they benefit you, and why they're important for your overall health and well-being. We've answered a few of the more commonly asked dental questions here, but we always have time for your questions about oral health care. Please don't ever hesitate to contact our Covina dental office for more information.

Preventative Dentistry

We are always happy to welcome new patients to our office! Please feel free to phone us at (626) 332-1014 to arrange an appointment or follow the link to our convenient online appointment scheduling form.

Dental x-rays are an important diagnostic tool that helps us detect damage and disease that is not visible during a routine dental exam. The frequency of x-rays varies by individual and depends on your oral health, age, risk for disease, and signs of oral disease.

If you are new to our Covina dental office, we may take x-rays to check the status of your oral health and give us a baseline so that we can identify any changes that occur in the future.

In the case of children, their teeth are still in the process of developing, and they may be more susceptible to tooth decay than adults. Dr. Huang will take into consideration your oral health history and examine your mouth to determine whether or not you need x-rays.

For existing patients, we may also recommend a new set of x-rays if Dr. Huang detects any new cavities and to determine the current status of your oral health and evaluate the growth and development of your teeth.

Your safety is important to us, so we use digital x-rays to reduce your risk of exposure. If you need to schedule a dental exam or have any other questions about x-rays, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

We recommend that you make appointments for exams and professional cleanings at our Covina dental office at least twice a year. Maintaining this schedule ensures that we find and treat problems in their earliest stages for the most effective treatment.

Regular dental exams and cleanings are essential for detecting dental problems before they become serious and damage your oral health. Taking care of your own oral health with proper diet and brushing and flossing twice a day is important, but it’s only half the answer.

Conditions like periodontal disease (gum disease) can take a toll on your dental health long before you’re even aware it exists. A routine of regular visits with Dr. Huang and professional dental cleanings with our experienced dental hygienist allow us to find and halt the progress of the disease, preventing more complicated issues from developing in the future.

At our Covina dental office, our team works hard to make treatments like cleanings and visits comfortable and stress free. These are the easiest steps you can take to protect your long-term oral health. If you or a member of your family are overdue for an exam or cleaning, please contact our office, and we will be happy to arrange a convenient appointment.



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