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Options for Straighter Teeth

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Many patients come to see Dr. Michael Huang because they desire a straighter smile. Some of these patients have wished for a straight smile all of their lives, while others may have worn braces as teenagers, but have noticed their teeth have moved back out of alignment in adulthood. Most likely, they failed to wear their retainers as directed after their orthodontic treatment.

The truth is, whether you wore braces as a teen or not, your teeth will continuously move at least a slight bit. Because of this, many adults find themselves needing help to maintain a beautiful, straight smile. Dr. Huang has several procedures at his disposal to help ...

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Dental Implants Compared to Dentures

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Do you, or someone you know, wear dentures? Have you ever had issues with them clicking or wobbling when you talk? Have your dentures slipped, or even fallen out of your mouth, causing an embarrassing situation? Now may be the time to talk to Dr. Michael C. Huang about dental implant-supported dentures.

Dental implants provide a secure, stable alternative to conventional dentures, and when cared for properly can last a lifetime. The doctor can use implants to support a number of restorations, including dental crowns, bridges, and partial or full dentures.

Restorations supported by dental implants remain securely in their place, and do not wobble, slip or click ...

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Causes of Oral Sensitivity

Yong woman with a toothache

Does a nice sip of ice cold water on a hot day send pain shooting through your jaw? If you bite into a candy bar with the wrong tooth, will you experience a sharp, throbbing pain that seems to travel all the way to your brain? When you brush your teeth, do you have that one spot you try to avoid, because touching it, or even breathing in cold air, causes it to throb in pain?

Many people suffer from sensitive teeth, which typically result from the exposure of tiny tubes located in the dentin layer, under the enamel. The exposure may happen due to an erosion of the enamel or ...

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Relief for Acute Toothache Pain

Young Woman with a Toothache

Tooth pain can hit you at any time. You may be driving to your daughter’s soccer game, working on a report in the office, or sleeping peacefully in bed when that sudden pain shoots from your tooth, seemingly causing your entire face to ache along with it. By the time you can get to the dentist’s office, your whole head seems to be pulsing, and you could swear you feel your heartbeat in your tooth. The dentist examines your mouth and tells you the news…you need a root canal. Over the years, root canal therapy has gained a reputation for causing a lot of pain, and most patients feel terrified ...

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Stable Dentures, No Slipping

Smiling Couple at the Beach

Dr. Michael C. Huang works with many patients who wear dentures. Over the years, we have heard many stories about loose, wobbly dentures that slip out of place, occasionally even falling out. Many patients come to us seeking dentures as the best option to maintain dental health and a beautiful smile. They look to us for guidance in choosing the type of denture that will work best for them. For both previous denture wearers and those new to dentures, Dr. Huang recommends implant-supported dentures. These removable dentures snap onto tiny posts implanted in your jaw, providing unparalleled stability and support, without worry of slippage.

If you would like to ...

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Is Stress Stealing Your Healthy Smile?

rush hour traffic gridiron

You’re stuck in the gridiron of rush hour traffic and late for a meeting, when your phone rings and you spill your coffee. We all have stress, some more than others. Some stress is good, but too much can cause serious issues with your physical health, including the health of your mouth.

Dr. Huang and our team want to partner with you to maximize your oral health, so you can enjoy healthy teeth and a gorgeous smile for life. Call our Covina, CA dental office now to schedule an appointment.

Symptoms of Too Much Stress

As it relates to dentistry, the following symptoms can indicate too much ...

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5 Destructive Dental Habits

You brush your teeth twice a day and floss daily. You have regular checkups with your dentist every six months. You are doing everything you are supposed to do to keep your teeth healthy. Then one day, you wake up with a toothache. To your dismay, when you visit the dentist, he tells you that you have a crack in one tooth and a cavity in the tooth next to it. You are in shock. How could your teeth be in such bad shape when you follow the rules? Most likely, it’s because you have some bad dental habits you didn’t realize were destructive to your teeth. In this blog ...

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