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Relief for Acute Toothache Pain

May 5, 2016
Posted By: Michael Huang
Young Woman with a Toothache

Tooth pain can hit you at any time. You may be driving to your daughter’s soccer game, working on a report in the office, or sleeping peacefully in bed when that sudden pain shoots from your tooth, seemingly causing your entire face to ache along with it. By the time you can get to the dentist’s office, your whole head seems to be pulsing, and you could swear you feel your heartbeat in your tooth. The dentist examines your mouth and tells you the news…you need a root canal. Over the years, root canal therapy has gained a reputation for causing a lot of pain, and most patients feel terrified when they hear they require one. The truth, however, is that root canals relieve the pain caused by the infection in your tooth.

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Why We Perform Root Canal Treatments

When you find yourself experiencing the unpleasantness of a toothache, you should visit Dr. Michael Huang as soon as possible. Sometimes the doctor can relieve the toothache with a quick, simple procedure. If, however, he finds that the pain comes from decay that has infected the pulp of your tooth, you will need a root canal.

As decay reaches the soft inner pulp of a tooth, it can cause pain so severe that it wakes you from a dead sleep. When this happens, the dentist can no longer save the pulp, and it dies. The blood vessels and nerve endings in the infected pulp of the tooth will cause your excruciating pain. During a root canal therapy, Dr. Huang will remove the infected, dying pulp tissue along with the nerve endings, relieving your pain. Contrary to popular belief, the treatment feels very similar to having a cavity filled, and most patients find it causes little, if any, discomfort.

If you notice any of the symptoms of a dental infection, you should seek treatment from Dr. Huang as soon as possible. Root canal therapy does more than just eliminate your discomfort and restore your dental function. If left untreated, the bacteria will spread, decimating your tooth, and you will eventually need to have the tooth extracted. Root canal therapy can prevent this from happening and keep the infection from spreading to your other teeth, your gums, and even your jawbone.

Will My Root Canal Hurt?

Root canals have a reputation for being very lengthy and unpleasant procedures. In reality, the treatment is comparable to receiving a filling. Dr. Huang will use a local anesthetic and gentle techniques, so you will only feel a slight pressure during your procedure. In addition, the doctor offers sedation options for patients who have dental anxiety and would rather not remember the experience afterward.

The Root Canal Therapy Process

When you come to our office with a toothache, Dr. Huang will perform a comprehensive oral exam, focusing on the affected tooth. If the doctor finds the tooth infected, he will immediately begin the root canal therapy. The procedure will start with the administration of a local anesthesia to numb the tooth and the area around it. If you feel that you would benefit from sedation, advise the doctor before he begins the procedure, so we can administer that as well. The doctor will isolate the infected tooth and drill a small hole in it, allowing access to the infected tissue. Then the doctor will remove the infected pulp, taking the nerve endings with it. This will eliminate the tooth’s ability to feel pain.

With the infected pulp removed, Dr. Huang will thoroughly clean and disinfect the inside of the tooth, including the root canals, with antiseptic and antibacterial solutions. The doctor will use special instruments to shape the canals in preparation for filling, then clean the tooth one more time to remove any debris. He will then use a rubber-like material, called gutta percha, to fill the root canals, sealing them and preventing further infection. The gutta percha will match the color of the tooth, and will not show through the surface, allowing the tooth to remain a natural white color for years to come. Dr. Huang will seal the access hole with a composite resin filling material and cover the tooth with a filling or crown to seal the tooth and prevent any further infection from occurring.

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