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What can I do if I have a dental emergency?

Note: If you experience dental trauma that includes injury to the jaw or head, go directly to an emergency room or call 911.

A dental emergency is usually painful and often overwhelming. At our Covina dental office, we accept emergency patients and will make arrangements for you to be seen immediately. We also have an after-hours number where you can leave a message, and Dr. Huang will return your call promptly.

If you are experiencing severe pain, it is important to get in to see us as quickly as possible. We want you to get the relief you need without delay. It is also important to seek treatment because this type of pain indicates a serious problem.

You may have extreme tooth decay that has reached the interior portion of your tooth. When this happens, we must perform a root canal as soon as we can to relieve the pain and save your tooth.

If your tooth has been knocked out, call us immediately. You can try to gently reinsert the tooth into the socket, but do not force it. Don’t touch the root or let the tooth dry out. Keep the tooth wet in warm milk or water until you get to our office.

If a dental crown or filling has come out, do not use over-the-counter dental cement to reinsert it. Wrap the crown in a tissue to protect it until you can see us.

We are here to get you the relief and treatment you need when you need it. If you’re not sure that your situation is an emergency, please contact our Covina dental office. A trained member of our team will evaluate your problem and make an emergency appointment if necessary.

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