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Accelerated Orthodontics for Adults

March 3, 2016
Posted By: Michael Huang
Woman wearing clear aligners

Many adult patients come to Dr. Michael C. Huang with teeth they would like to have straightened. Some of them wore braces as teenagers, but their teeth have since shifted back out of alignment. Many never wore braces and they now have a mouth full of crooked, rotated, or misaligned teeth that affect their self-confidence and keep them from smiling. While treatment with traditional bracket and wire braces will provide the results these patients seek, most feel that the treatment will take too long and cause too much pain. Most will also agree that a mouth full of metal brackets and wires will detract from their professional appearance. Dr. Huang has found a solution for these patients in the removable clear aligners of Invisalign.

If you would like to learn more about treatment with Invisalign, call our Covina, CA dental office today at (626) 332-1014 and schedule a consultation with Dr. Huang.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign treatment consists of a set of clear acrylic aligners that gently move a patient’s teeth into alignment. The treatment eliminates the need for unsightly metal brackets and painful wire tightening appointments. The patient can remove the aligners for eating and teeth cleaning, meaning they can eat whatever they want, without the restrictions that come with traditional braces. The clear aligners are virtually invisible, allowing adults to maintain a professional appearance. Possibly the greatest advantage, however, lies in the treatment time. While traditional braces need to stay on for a minimum of two years, the average Invisalign treatment only lasts 12-18 months.

Who Can Wear Invisalign?

Invisalign treatment works for just about anyone. The aligners work to repair such dental maladies as overbites, underbites and crooked or rotated teeth. They can close gaps between teeth, even when other teeth have shifted into them. Many adults find that Invisalign works amazingly well for correcting malocclusion, a failure of the upper and lower teeth to fit well together. Left untreated, malocclusion can lead to bruxism (teeth grinding), speech problems, and TMJ disorder.

Our younger patients can benefit from Invisalign treatment as well. In fact, the makers of Invisalign developed a special product just for them. Invisalign Teen works the same as the regular treatment, but includes a few unique additions to help younger patients stay in compliance with their treatment plan. The aligners that come with the teen program have a blue dot on them that fades as the child wears it. If the patient still has a blue dot on his aligner after two weeks, his parents will know that he has failed to comply with his treatment plan. Invisalign Teen also comes with six free bonus aligners. This means that if the patient accidentally throws his aligner away in the cafeteria after eating lunch, his parent simply needs to call our office, and we will order a new one at no charge.

If you would like to learn more about treatment with Invisalign, call our Covina, CA dental office today at (626) 332-1014 and schedule a consultation with Dr. Huang.

What to Expect During Invisalign Treatment

To start Invisalign treatment, you will first attend a consultation with Dr. Huang. The doctor will explain the treatment in detail, and take time to answer any questions you may have. When you both feel like Invisalign offers the best solution for your smile, the doctor will schedule your first appointment.

When you arrive for the appointment, the doctor will take digital images of your mouth and feed them into the Invisalign software. The software will process the images and use them to create a custom treatment plan for you. The plan will outline everything from the number of retainers you will wear to the length of your treatment, which varies from case to case. Dr. Huang will forward the treatment plan to an offsite Invisalign lab, where certified technicians will create your aligners.

When the aligners arrive in our office, you will return for a second appointment. During the visit, Dr. Huang will give you your first few sets of aligners, along with instructions for their use and care. Most patients will wear 20-30 sets of aligners over a treatment period of 12-18 months. Each set of aligners will be worn for two weeks, and you will need to wear them for a minimum of 20 hours every day. You should only remove the aligners to eat and clean your teeth. If you fail to follow these parameters, your treatment may take longer.

The doctor will have you return every six weeks for a quick checkup and to receive your next few sets of aligners. When you successfully complete the treatment, Dr. Huang will provide a retainer to help keep your teeth in alignment and your smile gorgeous.

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If you would like to learn more about Invisalign, call our Covina, CA dental office at (626) 332-1014 and schedule a consultation with Dr. Huang.

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